Sunday, November 12, 2006

"I should not have bought that twelve pack of condoms" or the rantings of a female

So i have made a new friend. A male friend. He actually is an old friend that I have reconciled with as of late because he got a divorce and has moved to Houston. I like hanging out with this new, old friend. He makes me laugh, and is nice and we have fun together. I don't get the romantic vibe from him which is fine with me because we all need friends of the opposite sex to hang out with.

We have been hanging out pretty steadily for about a month now going out at least once a week and doing dinner or something like that. Everything was going well. This weekend, however, nothing. I emailed him earlier in the week and didn't hear anything, I called him on friday and he did not call me back. I texted him today (something funny) and no response.

This is very hard for me. There is no reason for him not to be talking to me, I don't think. There is nothing that I said or did to offend him....I don't think....but still nothing, and no explanation. What is this all about?

The divorce has been hard for him and I am thinking that he just needed some time alone this weekend and that is why he didn't call me. But at the same time, I was hoping that I was becoming that friend that he could lean on a bit, you know? Maybe he doesn't want to lean on me too much because he thinks that I will get annoyed with him...Maybe I am just thinking too much. But I can't help it. It is what I do, I analyze things.

On the one hand I am worried about him. I want to make sure that he is okay and that he is not sitting in a bathtub drinking beers until the ratio between urine and water are equal. But on the other hand, my more selfish hand, I want him to call me and just let me know that I have nothing to do with why he hasn't called me back, or even if I have something to do with it, I can figure out what to do...I NEED THAT CONTROL.

I have a friend who has a hard time keeping in contact. I will call her and she will not call me back, I will email her, text her, and she will continue to be MIA. I have learned not to take it personally, because I know it has nothing to do with me, but I have been friends with her since high school, and I just learned this recently. And to be honest, sometimes it is not easy.

Also, after one of the long times we went without speaking I asked her what she wants me to do when she gets like this (it is part of her depression). She said "Keep calling". So I do.

I believe that my new friend is not in a good place right now, that he may even be depressed (and believe me, I know how it feels) but I guess the question is, do I keep calling?

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Case of the watermelon

About 3 weeks ago I walked outside by my apartment and in some shrubry I found a watermelon. This was an ordinary seedless watermelon, brand new, cut in half. It had appeared to have been cut and then just left there. Many questions went through my mind as I passed this watermelon. Who would cut a large watermelon and just leave it behind? Who would place it in the plants? Why were they cutting it outside? Wow, now I want a watermelon.

Everyday when I would walk my dog, I would pass this watermelon and watch it. I felt like I was doing a science experiment. I would examine it every day, make mental notes of how it has changed from day to day (ants one day, mold the next etc). It has been 3 weeks and it is still there, almost completely decayed, but still there. Why has it not been cleaned up? Do you think the maintenence people are doing the same experiment?

I was planning this entry in my head while walking Toby the other day and I looked to my right in the grass,and I am not kidding you, I saw a pineapple, just lying there. WHAT IS GOING ON??!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My new favorite blog

Take a look at this. I may be the only one in the computer world left who hasn't heard of this blog. That is my secret.

Also, this is really fun!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I have an obsessive personality. Here is a list of the things I obsessed over today.

A guy
An email
A thing someone said about me
Someone saying I obsess too much
The same guy
This post
My therapy

Monday, September 04, 2006


I pride myself on being a commercial hater. In fact, I own the best invention known to man. TIVO. I have had it since it came out and I believe that anyone that does not own one does not know what they are missing. To be honest, if you have a DVR and not a Tivo, it may be cheaper, but you are being slighted. Tivo just does so much more. SO MUCH MORE.

But what I really wanted to talk about today was not how wonderful Tivo was, but just how wonderful the new commercials for the apple computers are with
Warren Cheswickfrom "Ed" are. Never has there been a commercial that I have actually stopped my Tivo and rewinded it to watch these commercials. They are pretty wonderful. Not only because they are funny as hell, but also because they are a great marketing tool. So much so that I really want a Mac now and I have a perfectly good computer. But the Macs do such cool stuff. If I just had the money I would totally buy one.

Monday, August 07, 2006

All In My Head

A winding road. A steel cage. Barbed Wire. A tower. The gate slowly opens and we drive through. A guard gets on the bus. He points and talks, I am not listening to what he is saying. I am in awe. We enter security. A dog is staring at us as we pass through. I never expected to visit a place like this in my lifetime.

We meet, we shake hands, we get aquainted. We make small talk. We censor ourselves. I censor myself. Do I discuss the outside world? Do they want to hear it? Dare I ask where they are from? Do they want to talk about it? They are friendly. I am aware of everything. A door locks behind me.

We play a game, like theatre students do to "break the ice". We laugh. They are funny. They are nice. I am relaxing. I am beginning to forget where I am.

We watch a video that they made. "The Big Question". We find out that the animation is done by Anto, the script is done by Sam, the video work is done by Julius. Willy talks about himself on the camera. He is honest and full of heart. These guys are talented. They won first prize at a competition for this great film. These guys are in for life.

We eat lunch. Mayonaise. Apple Pie. We chat with the Govenor (Wardon). He is a huge supporter of these men. Believes in them. I like him. The men don't really talk to him.

They have written a play. Adaptation of Macbeth. "Mickey-B". Set in a Prison. Guards against prisoners. The guard in the hat laughs. The men on stage smile. They are nervous. Sam wrote the script. Davey plays Mickey-B. Jimmy plays Duffy, he has just learned to read a year ago. He is great. They are all great. I feel pride. The play is very good. We help with it. We are comfortable. They add jokes throughout. We laugh.

In the distance a dog barks. Chains rattle. Locks turn. Radios chatter. The prisoners carry on. An alarm sounds. The dog continues to bark, the sound gets closer. More guards enter the room. The alarm stops and starts again. The prisoners carry on, but exchange subtle glances. The alarms stop. The dog stops.

I had almost forgotten where I was.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

London and Dublin

I know it has been a long time since I have written, but I have been extrememly busy studying in London and Dublin, so I hope I haven't lost you as my reader. For now, since I am still here, I am just going to list for you the Shows I have seen thus far. I have a little less than 2 weeks here and there will be more to come I promise. But I thought this might be interesting. The more stars the better I thought it was.

Billy Elliot ***
Romeo and Juliet (it was horrible)
Titus Andronicus ***** (at the GLOBE!)
Anthony and Cleoptra (saw a midnight performance at the Globe)
Woman and Scarecrow (with Fiona Shaw)*
Fuerzabruta ****** (liked it but I gave it stars not because of the show itself, for a different reason, another blog...)
Rock n Roll (only saw half of it because the tube shut down and we were very late)
Voyage Round My Father
Mary Poppins (this doesn't deserve any stars, can I give negative stars?)
Sunday in the Park With George (hahahahahaha)
The Life of Galileo ********* (WONDERFUL!!!)
The Royal Hunt of the Sun
Cyrano ****

In Dublin so far:
The Constant Wife **
The Children of Lir ***** (great Irish theatre)
The Importance of Being Ernest (all male cast!)

Tomorrow we head to Northern Ireland to Belfast and we are spending the day creating theatre in a Prison with 11 prisoners. I am really excited. How cool is that?

A few cool things that have happened:

1. Yesterday we got into see the Book of Kells for free because our tutor "has connections" with Trinity College! She rocks
2. I love Frisbee.
3. We performed theatre on top of a burial mound, which was on top of a mountain in Cooley, Ireland. (pictures to come later). That was awesome.
4. Indian Food in London is SOOOOOOOOO good.
5. Staying in the room right above Oscar Wilde's room at Trinity College right now. If those walls could talk...

I am exhausted and plan on going to bed now....